Modeling Agencies For Teens

Teenagers who are interested in modeling have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to obtaining an agent. Some of the more popular agencies for teens are Entourage, Condra Artista, and Wilson. Listed below are a few of the best and most reputable modeling agencies for teens. For more information, read on! Also, be sure to check out our articles on modeling for children, teen actors, and more!


Entourage is a modeling agency for teenagers, a company whose agents manage talent from ages one to senior citizens. It places talent in commercials, magazines, billboards, fashion shows, tv, film, and radio. The agency also manages bilingual talent. It offers personalized development and support to diverse talent. In the past, Entourage has placed models in projects for Tom Ford and other top brands.

Condra Artista

For many teenagers, the dream of a successful modeling career is a distant dream. With their extensive modeling experience and commitment to nurturing talent, Condra Artista can help young people fulfill their dreams. As an agency, they offer services such as modeling and image development, casting, marketing, and placement. If you are considering joining their ranks, consider these tips. They will help you land your first modeling gig! Here are some benefits of working with them.


You’ve probably seen the ads for fashion models on TV or heard about them from a friend, and your teenage daughter begs to go to a screening. The modeling agency sets up a photo shoot at a nearby hotel, and then calls you to say that your daughter was chosen. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to participate, and they are using pressure-sales tactics to get your child to sign a contract that could cost as much as $600. The bottom line: don’t let the pressure-sales-tactics convince your daughter to join an agency she doesn’t want to be in!

John Casablancas Kids Modeling Centers

A few years ago, Bre-Ana Negrette spent $1700 on modeling classes at the John Casablancas Kids Modeling Center. However, she soon discovered that she was not learning anything. So, she decided to find out whether she should stick with modeling or try her hand at acting. She decided to speak with the owner of the modeling center, Nancy Negrette. Now, she speaks out for her daughter.

Future Faces

If you’re looking for a top modeling agency for teens, consider Future Faces NYC. This agency offers individual talent management and is dedicated to discovering new talent and making it into working children superstars. The agency prides itself on its unmatched client service and believes in providing children with all of the tools they need to break into the scene. It is proud to represent children with unique personalities and incredible looks.