Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant in Turkey 2023

You may be thinking about a Turkey hair transplant. Turkey has some advantages over the US and UK. The doctors are skilled, and you can rest confident that the procedure will be done safely. Also, you should know that hair transplants are more expensive in Turkey.

The owners of the centers for hair transplants could be greedy and overharvesting could result in disastrous consequences.

Hair transplant clinics are notorious for stealing too much hair and not adhere to basic safety guidelines and medical rules. In some cases, clinic owners use unlicensed professionals to cut costs and expedite the surgical procedure.

This is a problem that could result in disastrous outcomes for patients. Hair transplant clinics that operate on the black market will not provide the best treatment for their patients, and patients could be left with a faulty procedure. In addition, patients could be at risk of scammers who pose as experts to gain financial benefits. To avoid a situation like this it is essential to conduct an extensive research of the clinics you are contemplating.

Turkey is more expensive than the UK and US for hair transplants

Turkey is a popular choice for hair transplants. differs between Turkey and the UK and the US is substantial. FUE hair transplants in the UK can cost as high as PS3500. Similar procedures in Turkey costs around PS1500. This is primarily due to Turkey’s lower cost of living.

Hair transplants in the United States can cost as high as $5 per graft. This is a high price for a normal surgery, which involves between 2000 to 3000 hair grafts. A standard procedure in the United States can cost anywhere from $3500 to $15,000. If you’re in the market for hair transplants in the UK or the US make sure to factor in the cost of travel, post-operative treatment and visa fees.

Cost of hair transplants in Turkey

Turkey is one of the top destinations for hair transplantation and its low cost of living is a major contributing factor. Turkey has a lower cost of living and wage cost than other countries. A minimum wage in Turkey could be similar to the wages of a top surgeon in other countries. You can save up to 30% on hair transplants in Turkey. A hair transplant in Turkey costs about $3000. This includes the procedure, luxurious hotel accommodations, as well as aftercare medication.

A large number of hair transplantation clinics can be also located in Turkey. With their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, these clinics offer affordable prices and the latest technology.