Restaurants in Hangzhou, China

In our increasingly health conscious society, many people are trying to be more “green” in their eating habits. One way that they do this is by going to restaurants that serve organic or gluten-free foods and to use healthier ingredients. A few years ago there was a major campaign in the United States, led by the National Restaurant Association, to promote organic foods in the restaurant industry. Organic foods are now the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. The increased availability of organic foods has led to an increase in the number of restaurants dedicated to serving organic or gluten-free foods.

The term “fine dining” often refers to a relatively simple concept: a restaurant where the food and drink are of a very high quality and which provides an experience of luxury and comfort. A fine dining restaurant is one that provides an extraordinary experience and one in which guests are treated to excellent service. Some diners prefer simple, straightforward restaurants where the food is of a high quality and the experience is simple and unassuming. Others are more demanding when it comes to eating at a fine dining restaurant. To properly distinguish restaurants in this category, we must examine the quality of service, the quality and presentation of food and beverage, and other intangible factors such as cleanliness and hospitality.

A casual dining room may be called a “fine dining” establishment if it is frequented by a wide variety of people and offers a diversity of food and beverages. A more casual dining room may not offer an extensive variety of food and beverages and may not offer great service. If the atmosphere and service are below average, then such a restaurant would be categorized as a medium-priced or casual-dining restaurant.

Medium-priced restaurants are also called medium-service restaurants. Such restaurants generally have good service but may not have exceptionally outstanding food or beverage presentations. Generally such restaurants have a few standard dishes but may offer some interesting or unusual dishes. Their menu is often more limited than the more expensive restaurants.

Expensive restaurants are generally characterized by top-notch service, exceptional quality food and beverage presentations, and exceptional cleanliness and hospitality. Such establishments cater to a higher class of clientele and usually only offer a small number of standard dishes. They also typically offer an extensive range of menus with more variety than the more moderate or cheaper restaurants.

Kaifeng restaurants are characterized by their excellent service and extensive, wide selection of authentic dishes. The term refers to any restaurant having a long and extensive list of dishes that can be ordered. Most Kaifeng restaurants will have selections from all the basic food groups, such as rice, vegetables, noodles, meat, seafood, poultry, and fruits. Some will even offer a special vegetarian menu. These establishments also tend to offer interesting and exotic cocktails and drinks, along with a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts.

An average sized restaurant in the Hangzhou area is usually a bian ting, which translates literally to “open restaurant”. These restaurants are usually run by just one manager who is responsible for serving customers as well as making sure the food is prepared to their standards. Unlike most restaurants, they do not have waiters or other staff waiting on customers. They are popular with families and students because they are small and usually offer affordable meals.

Alcoholic beverages are a large part of the restaurant industry in Hangzhou. Though most restaurants will not serve alcohol to children under the age of twenty-one, many of the city’s restaurants will offer drinkable tap water for adults. Some bars in the city also serve alcohol, however they are not allowed to sell alcohol to customers under the age of twenty-one. Be sure to ask if the restaurant you are considering does not offer alcohol, especially if you plan on ordering alcoholic beverages.