Sesame Access – The Best Place to Find Cheap Stair Lifts

Sesame Access is one of the most reliable places to locate affordable stairlifts, and you can also find bespoke lifts that will meet your specific needs. The website offers a broad selection of lifts and also offers a no-cost home consultation. There is a staircase lift for you, no matter if you need one for one floor or for the entire home.

Sesame Access

Sesame Access manufactures and installs stairs lifts that are affordable and simple to operate. They are designed to meet the needs of people of different ages and physical abilities. Charlie Lyons founded the company after becoming frustrated by the inaccessibility of the London Art Gallery for wheelchairs. He began sketching out ideas and constructed a prototype in his Staines shed.

Sesame Access offers stairlifts that can be installed in different types of buildings at varying prices. They also offer custom solutions for famous buildings. They are able to meet all DDA requirements and can easily be installed to existing architectural features. Stairlifts can be a great investment that can enhance mobility and can be affordable. Sesame Access also offers a one-year guarantee and service every six months.


AmeriGlide is an stairlift which gives you easy access to every level of your house. This stairlift allows for easy entry and departure. It features a 180-degree swinging seat and high-tech nylon wheels.


A stairlift could be an ideal solution for someone who is unable to climb stairs. It can be set up both outdoors and indoors and be positioned over existing staircases or stairs. The cladding may be made from a variety materials, including marble and glass. These aren’t obvious accessibility solutions for disabled persons, but they provide accessibility and independence.

You can purchase a stairlift from an authorized dealer on the internet. There are many kinds of stairlifts on the market. stairlifts prices is important to choose the appropriate one for you. While most stairlifts come with a seatbelt, a few manufacturers offer a retractable option for those who want it. The retractable seatbelt is simple to secure and hold. An ‘Immobilizer” seatbelt can also be used, which will stop the stairlift from working until the seatbelt is engaged. A lap-diagonal seatbelt provides additional protection over your shoulders. A five-point harness belt provides extra security between your legs.


Handicare has a variety models for straight and curving stairways. Some models feature powered seats and tracks with hinges on the top models. The company also offers an unique outdoor/indoor staircase lift. The company also provides low-cost stairs lifts that have curve rails.

The company also offers free installation and delivery which makes it a cost-effective alternative for those who are on a tight budget. It does not provide financing. Most stairlift companies do not offer financing in store, but they do offer no- or low-interest credit cards as well as local and state-wide grants.